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Top 3 Best Swimming Beaches in Cabo 2021

a person diving in water with snorkel gear

Where to find the best swimming beaches in all Cabo?

The reason you dropped by Cabo in the first place. We’re not the top tourist destination in all of Mexico for nothing and our crystal-clear beaches are to thank. However, you and I well know that’s not the end of it. The best beaches on offer imply a ranking and that’s exactly what I’m here to talk to you about today. So sit back, relax and take a look at the best of the best Cabo has to offer.

a sandy beach next to a body of water

The tranquil grace of the Santa Maria swimming beach

  1. The tranquil grace of the Santa Maria swimming beach

Always a favorite (and an award winner), Santa Maria Beach is one of the best swimming beaches on offer in Cabo San Lucas. A protected marine area, the place is tranquil and secluded, making it an amazing spot for swimming and snorkeling. Rounding things up with expertly trained lifeguards and sanitation measures for the safety and enjoyment of its visitors, Santa Maria Beach offers both underwater sightseeing and a beach that will be sure to leave you both amazed, relaxed and satisfied. What’s not to love?

a beach with rocks

A mile wide wonder of a swimming beach for your family in Palmilla

2. A mile wide wonder of a swimming beach for your family in Palmilla

If you don’t mind a short drive out of Cabo San Lucas then Palmilla might just be the beach for you. You’ll find it right around the Golden Corridor, between Cabo and San Jose, hard to miss really. Once you’re there you’ll find a peaceful sight extending well over a mile. With little waves to speak of, qualified crystal-blue waters and great resorts to back it up in the background, Palmilla is as good a family location as it gets.

a sandy beach next to the ocean

The magical wonder of the Playa del Amor in Cabo

3. The magical wonder of the Playa del Amor in Cabo’s

Lover’s Beach for our North American brothers, Playa del Amor is truly a sight to see, and in my most sincere opinion, an experience you’ll be hard-pressed to forget. Soothing, clear waters is par for the course, yes, but having none other than Cabo’s famous Arc as its location, now that’s something else entirely. Sure, it’s not exclusively meant for couples despite what the name would imply (though it will definitely earn you some points), but Playa del Amor here puts the picture in picturesque, regardless of whether you go there for some sightseeing, on a love trip or with your family, enjoying all of nature’s wonders.

Now that’s all good and picture painting, but how to get there? I definitely don’t recommend swimming that’s for sure (even if you’re a gold-winner) rather take one of the many tours at the marina headed for the Arc. But blog writer, you say, there’s too many to choose from! Exactly and just like before with the ranking of Cabo’s best beaches I’ll tell you right now, you ain’t getting any better than WildCaboTours.

Fine food, drinks, and a full trip around the best sights in Cabo, the Playa del Amor included. Whether it’s a romantic trip, a snorkeling adventure, or a mixture of both, Wild Cabo’s got you covered. Cheers!

-WildCaboTours signing out

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