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3 Easy Steps For Getting Amazing Beachside Selfies In Cabo San Lucas 2021


A trip anywhere isn’t a trip without something to remember it by or to show it off to your friends for that matter. Just like that, a nice, sunny, beachside backdrop won’t do you much good unless you’ve got some photo-savvy to back it up. Now you don’t need to be a prime-cut, first-class Hollywood photographer to get those good angles flowing, not at all and that’s precisely what I’m here to talk to you about today. 

C’mon, let’s get those Cabo San Lucas pics hitting the top of your friend’s feeds, by following the next 3 easy steps for some awesome beachside selfies:

a sandy beach next to a body of water

Find the right backdrop for your selfie.

1. Find the right backdrop for your Cabo San Lucas selfie:

Cabo has you covered here that’s for sure: sunlight, certified world-famous vistas, but even the best of the best has its own top 10s, as such make sure you find an acclaimed beach and pick a good hour of the day. I personally recommend Santa Maria (and not because I wrote a blog out of it, the place is just that good, trust me [or you can read it yourself if you want, your call]) and either hitting it early in the morning or during the mid-late afternoon, that way you can choose between motivational morning or a mellow sunset mood.

Also, be sure to double-check for kids in the background. You don’t want speedy, multi-colored blurs showing up all of a sudden and ruining all that precious prep time. 

a person standing in front of a palm tree on a beach

Get that camera ready!

2. Get your selfie equipment ready:

Good, the scene is set, sunscreens applied, beach clothes are on and your ideal selfie face is ingrained deep within your subconscious for easy access (as it always is). Time to take out that selfie stick, turn on the phone, give it a nice 360-degree turn and find out the best light at your chosen spot. Can’t find the right light? No worries! Add some shadow of your own with a parasol. Life’s all about the hacks after all.

a person looking at the sky

Always find the right light.

3. Getting those good angles going for your beachside selfie:

Don’t know your good angle? Don’t worry about it. As we’ve learned from the model shows it’s all about perspective. Hold your chin up (slightly), stick your jaw out, press your tongue against your teeth (keep going) and bite your teeth together, that way your jawline really shows. With that done, turn around a little bit until you find the right side for the camera (also smile and keep your hands/arms off the image, please, don’t forget about that, it doesn’t look good).

If there’s anything else to add it’s probably the filters, but since Cabo is already packing in the natural filter department you probably won’t need all that stuff, after all, isn’t all-natural the trendy rage nowadays? 

a person standing on a beach

Don’t forget to enjoy the view.

So there you have it, 3 easy steps to get some amazing beachside selfies at Cabo San Lucas. What are you waiting for then? Show off that well-earned (or well-disguised) beach bod and vacation funds to your friends and not-so friends alike. 

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