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Top 3 Best Swimming Beaches in Cabo 2021

a person diving in water with snorkel gear

Where to find the best swimming beaches in all Cabo? The reason you dropped by Cabo in the first place. We’re not the top tourist destination in all of Mexico for nothing and our crystal-clear beaches are to thank. However, you and I well know that’s not the end of it. The best beaches on…

3 Amazing And Fun Ways To Build Up An Adventure Day In Cabo 2021

a large pirate ship

Life is an adventure, even if we forget about it sometimes. That is what I’m here today for, to tell you how you can make your pleasant, but otherwise mundane vacation into something a bit more, wild, adventurous if you will. We all love frosty drinks, laying down on the beach, and drifting away from…

3 Easy Steps to have a Relaxing Day on your Trip to Cabo San Lucas 2021

a small boat in a large body of water

Want to relax somewhere nice on your trip to Cabo San Lucas this 2021? Life is stressful enough as it is and you don’t need the added pressure of digging through dozens of ads and commercials in order to find out which places you should go (and shouldn’t) on your vacation. That’s exactly what I’m…

3 Amazing Places To Take The Best Wildlife Photography In Cabo San Lucas 2021

a humpback whale swiming

Where to find the best places for wildlife photography in Cabo San Lucas? We all like to unplug and enjoy nature’s wonders, the best it has to offer, but oftentimes we end up going through the same tourist spots repeatedly. Then, all of a sudden, we don’t even notice, and all those plans for incredible…

3 Top Sightseeing Spots In Cabo San Lucas For Your Trip 2021

a heart made of hands with Cabo San Lucas' Arch in the background

What are the best spots for sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas? Making a list of the places you need to visit and take a nice selfie at, on your trip to Cabo San Lucas? Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by all there is to see? Here, let me help you out with that, if there…

3 Amazing Family Activities For Kids In Cabo San Lucas 2021

people swimming in the water

Finding Amazing Activities for your Kids in Cabo San Lucas Family trips always need to have something in store for the kids; it would not be a family trip otherwise. You need to find a way to burn off all that excess energy without losing your mind (and having some fun too while you are…

3 Reasons Why Cabo San Lucas is the Best Place for Snorkeling Tours

a group of people in the water

Why go for a Snorkeling Tour in Cabo? Snorkeling is one of Cabo’s many selling points and for good reason. Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or just someone looking to have some good fun, Cabo San Lucas offers you the best of the best when it comes to diving and marine-life watching experiences…

Where is the best snorkeling in Cabo?

snorkeling in cabo

Snorkeling in Cabo is fascinating regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, Cabo San Lucas offers one of the most extraordinary experiences in the field of diving due to the enormous variety of marine life that we can find here, as well as a rather interesting geographical distribution that make This destination…