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Cabo Wave

3 Top Places to Enjoy the Best Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas 2021

a group of people partying on a boat

Want to find a place to enjoy the nightlife in Cabo San Lucas? Got you covered loyal reader, Cabo is all you need to let loose. From the natural beauty of the ocean to its amazing food and drink, to the wide-range, top-of-the-line nightlife hanging just around the corner. In fact, let’s talk about it,…

3 Must Try Dinner Tours For Your Vacation Trip In Cabo San Lucas 2021

a plate of bread with tomato and a glass of champagne

Planning to go on a Dinner Tour in Cabo San Lucas?     Say no more. We all know how hard it is to plan out those special evenings, and how much harder it is to realize that you are dealing with bad service for a ridiculous price, all because you made a wrong decision….

3 Priceless Tips To Plan Your Luxury Wedding In Cabo San Lucas this 2021

a glass of water on a table on a boat

Planning your Luxury Wedding in Cabo Popping the big question is one thing, planning your big wedding is something else entirely. We all know the amounts of stress that comes with it. You want to make it unforgettable, in all the good ways and that is a big responsibility. So how exactly do you go…