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Safe Travels

3 Easy Steps For Getting Amazing Beachside Selfies In Cabo San Lucas 2021

A trip anywhere isn’t a trip without something to remember it by or to show it off to your friends for that matter. Just like that, a nice, sunny, beachside backdrop won’t do you much good unless you’ve got some photo-savvy to back it up. Now you don’t need to be a prime-cut, first-class Hollywood…

Top 3 Best Swimming Beaches in Cabo 2021

Where to find the best swimming beaches in all Cabo? The reason you dropped by Cabo in the first place. We’re not the top tourist destination in all of Mexico for nothing and our crystal-clear beaches are to thank. However, you and I well know that’s not the end of it. The best beaches on…

3 Reasons Why Cabo San Lucas Is The Safest Destination This 2021

Why should I travel with Covid, why is Cabo San Lucas the answer? The pandemic has not been easy, far from it but I think we all know that. It has also been particularly hard when it comes to travel. Choosing your vacation spots was already a matter of important decision making, but add Covid…

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