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3 Top Sightseeing Spots In Cabo San Lucas For Your Trip 2021

a heart made of hands with Cabo San Lucas' Arch in the background

What are the best spots for sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas?

Making a list of the places you need to visit and take a nice selfie at, on your trip to Cabo San Lucas? Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by all there is to see? Here, let me help you out with that, if there is one thing I know, is that lists always look best in threes-much more manageable that way-and your Cabo sightseeing list will be no different.

rock formations over the sea at Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas’ Arch

1. The Arch of Cabo San Lucas an Amazing Sightseeing Spot!

Starting with the many amazing sightseeing spots in Cabo San Lucas, we have the famous Arch, which is practically a monument at this point. A characteristic rock formation that is seasonally available for you to walk in via a boat tour, allowing you to take not only amazing pictures from afar, especially during Cabo’s beautiful sunsets but to live it up close. The Arch of Cabo is iconic for a reason.

a catamaran in a large body of water

Cabo Wave catamaran on a snorkel cruise

2. The Cabo Marina an Unforgettable Sight for your Cabo San Lucas Trip!

With close proximity to the coastal line of Cabo, the Marina is an unforgettable place for you to not only enjoy the variety of restaurants, bars, artisan shops, and the like, but it also gives you an excellent viewpoint of the things Cabo is best known for. From the aforementioned Arch, Neptune’s Finger, a no less beautiful rock formation nearby, to the crystal clear coast of the Sea of Cortez.

an array of boats in a large body of water

Wild Cabo Tours’ amazing boats.

3. Where to Enjoy the Sightseeing Spots of Cabo San Lucas?

What better way to enjoy the most amazing sights Cabo has to offer, than with the best sightseeing tours this side of Baja. Wild Cabo Tours is your best bet when it comes to getting close to the natural beauty of Cabo, be it by taking jaw-dropping selfies or taking a dive and living the experience up close, all aboard the wide selection of luxury quality tours we have to offer. If it’s views to brag about you are looking for, then look no further, you won’t be getting better picture angles anywhere else.

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