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Where is the best snorkeling in Cabo?

snorkeling in cabo

Snorkeling in Cabo is fascinating regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, Cabo San Lucas offers one of the most extraordinary experiences in the field of diving due to the enormous variety of marine life that we can find here, as well as a rather interesting geographical distribution that make This destination is one of the best in the world for diving or snorkeling.

Some time ago the famous explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau named Cabo Pulmo that is one of the many places where you can enjoy snorkeling and diving in Los Cabos, as “The aquarium of the world”. Its great variety of species that inhabit it, in its case 39% of the total marine mammals in the world, was the reason for such an accurate description.

The Arch of Cabo

If you have already decided to immerse yourself in the wonders of Los Cabos, in Baja California Sur, surely you should take into account as a first stop visiting its spectacular arch and snorkeling in one of its beaches.

After visiting the icon of Los Cabos, the famous arch you can enjoy snorkeling around the different places where you can practice this relaxing activity. One of these points is the finger of Neptune, a singular rock formation that points towards the sky. From this rock formation some divers dive deep to enjoy the view of the famous sand waterfalls of Los Cabos, also there you can find various marine species and perhaps have the opportunity to live together and have the experience of being accompanied by a sealion that is nearby. Without a doubt experiencing snorkeling in Los Cabos in these areas will give your vacation a special touch, filling your memory with fond memories.