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Whale Watching in Cabo

best whale watching

Every year around this time humpback whales and gray whales make their way over to the
warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific. These mammals spend their summers up in the
north in places such as Alaska, Washington State, and British Columbia until it becomes too cold for
them and their pods. They then make their way to the warmer waters surrounding Los Cabos for
breeding season and to give birth to their baby calves. The season runs from about December until April
each year. Most births happen around the time of January, then the remaining months are dominated
by the mothers and their calves swimming in the waters of Baja California Sur until it is time to migrate
back to the colder waters.

This makes it an incredible time to get a chance to see these beautiful creatures up close in their
natural habitat. Instead of going to see exhibits who contain these enormous creatures in tanks where
they are unable to swim the distances needed to keep them healthy. Visit them in their natural habitat
with experienced tour guides that respect the boundaries and the space the whales need. This is a great
way to experience the impact these creatures have on us and experience the marine life of Los Cabos.

There are many tours in the Los Cabos area that can take you out to see these creatures. If you
are looking for more of an educational experience that is fun, relaxing, and family orientated. I would
suggest going on Wild Cabo ́s, Whale Watching & Breakfast Tour on Cabo Escape. Paula is the main tour
guide for this particular excursion and she is an expert at whale watching. She makes sure to share great
knowledgeable information about the whales who travel through the Los Cabos area and is passionate
about protecting them in their natural habitats.

This is a great tour for photographers and videographers who are eager to capture the content
of these creatures and one of Cabo ́s most famous landmarks, Lands End. A unique rock formation that
was created by the rough winds of the Peninsula over time and formed one of the must-see destinations
while in Los Cabos. You will most likely spot sea lions playing around in the water and lounging on the
rocks of Lands End enjoying the Baja sun rays. If you travel to Cabo during the winter season, I guarantee
you will see lots of whales breaching out of the water and creating moments you’ll never forget.

Whale watching is one of the most popular attractions here in Los Cabos. It is a great
opportunity to be educated on the marine life who swim the waters of the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez.
You will have a once in a lifetime experience by seeing these beautiful creatures up close. If you are
looking for a must-do activity in Cabo, I highly recommend booking a whale watching excursion while on
your vacation here in Baja California Sur.