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3 Amazing And Fun Ways To Build Up An Adventure Day In Cabo 2021

Life is an adventure, even if we forget about it sometimes. That is what I’m here today for, to tell you how you can make your pleasant, but otherwise mundane vacation into something a bit more, wild, adventurous if you will. We all love frosty drinks, laying down on the beach, and drifting away from…

3 Reasons Why Cabo San Lucas Is The Safest Destination This 2021

Why should I travel with Covid, why is Cabo San Lucas the answer? The pandemic has not been easy, far from it but I think we all know that. It has also been particularly hard when it comes to travel. Choosing your vacation spots was already a matter of important decision making, but add Covid…

3 Essential Tips For Whale Watching In Cabo San Lucas

Why you should go Whale Watching in Cabo Whale watching in Cabo is a special occasion, to say the least. Gray and Humpback whales swim all the way from Alaska to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific in order to have their calves in the warmer waters. That is a journey worthy of respect…

Whale Watching in Cabo

Every year around this time humpback whales and gray whales make their way over to the warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific. These mammals spend their summers up in the north in places such as Alaska, Washington State, and British Columbia until it becomes too cold for them and their pods….