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Gray Whales

3 Essential Tips For Whale Watching In Cabo San Lucas

Why you should go Whale Watching in Cabo Whale watching in Cabo is a special occasion, to say the least. Gray and Humpback whales swim all the way from Alaska to the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific in order to have their calves in the warmer waters. That is a journey worthy of respect…

Whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas

Nature will always surprise us, to understand it is to love it, to have contact with it is to experience and marvel at our own existence. Whales have arrived in Los Cabos, Baja California for the breeding season of these beautiful mammals. If you want to visit them, we tell you everything you have to…

Whale Watching in Cabo

Every year around this time humpback whales and gray whales make their way over to the warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific. These mammals spend their summers up in the north in places such as Alaska, Washington State, and British Columbia until it becomes too cold for them and their pods….

Los Cabos Whale watching tour

A show you can’t miss … Did you know that every year, these mammals travel more than 18,000 kilometers to reach Mexican coasts? Take advantage of the cold season to visit us and give us a beautiful show in the Sea of ​​Cortez, as well as on the Pacific Ocean side The whales always return…