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Los Cabos Whale watching tour

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A show you can’t miss …

Did you know that every year, these mammals travel more than 18,000 kilometers to reach Mexican coasts? Take advantage of the cold season to visit us and give us a beautiful show in the Sea of ​​Cortez, as well as on the Pacific Ocean side

The whales always return and look for the Mexican coasts because they find a pleasant climate in them, compared to the icy waters of the Arctic. Other factors that make the Baja California peninsula the ideal place for whales to give birth and raise their small great whales are the abundant marine life and the shallow waters that the destination offers.

Los Cabos Whale watching tour

In Los Cabos you can enjoy this show that Mother Nature offers us year after year. During this time of whale sightings many tourist boats pay special attention to offer guided tours to observe these amazing mammals. In all the tours, you will have the opportunity to dazzle yourself with the imposing arch of Cabo San Lucas, as well as the last rock of Baja California, a first-rate show.

Of the 11 species of whales known in the world, eight reach Mexican coasts, including the minke, bryde, sei, the humpback, the gray and the blue. That six-month tour is the longest trip of all the migratory species on the planet. The whale season in Los Cabos is an unmissable activity since we do not always have the opportunity to appreciate an animal almost three times our size and only a few meters away.

So don’t wait any longer and come to Los Cabos to enjoy this magnificent spectacle of nature. Whale watching tour this is a must for those who love nature.