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Sailing the Seas with the Pirates of Los Cabos

a ship in a body of water

The Adventure of a Lifetime

If you are looking for a unique and adventurous experience while visiting Los Cabos, look no
further! I highly recommend climbing aboard the infinite pirate ship Cabo Legend, on the Yo Ho Pirate
Show & Dinner Cruise brought to you by Wild Cabo Tours. Cabo Legend is one of the two pirate ships
that dock here in Los Cabos. You will probably see Cabo Legend sailing around the marina of Cabo San
Lucas, but on the tour you will surely adventure further into the Pacific. This excursion is full of special
surprises, exciting entertainment, and loads of fun!.

You and your shipmates will sail the sea of the Pacific with the pirates of Los Cabos to see the
beautiful rock formation, Lands End. It is a must see destination for tourists when visiting Los Cabos.
Located at the very tip of the Baja, the winds of the Peninsula over time created this incredible rock
structure that attracts lots of marine life to it. You are very likely to spot sea lions playing around in the
water or lounging on the rocks, sunbathing in the rays of the Baja sun. If you’re planning your trip to
Cabo during the winter season, I guarantee you will see lots of humpback whales who migrate here to
the warmer water of the Pacific for their breeding season and to give birth to their baby calves!.

a ship in a body of water

Enjoy a Pirate Feast

As you continue your adventure on this excursion, you will probably stir up quite an appetite.
Luckily for you dinner comes with a show! Enjoy yourselves a delicious meal of BBQ chicken, mashed
potatoes, ribs, steamed veggies, and coleslaw while you sit back and enjoy the show. Stunt artists such
as fire throwers and acrobats will keep you on your toes, but not to worry these performers are
professionals who are well trained. Don’t forget that this tour is also all inclusive so you are allowed to
have as many drinks as you want, so make your way to the bar and drink up! I recommend their special
pirate cocktail, the grog, which is a famous pirate drink from the 1700s.

Prepare for Battle

Prepare yourselves for even more excitement on this tour, because the action has just begun! As
you and your crew carry on your excursion, you may run into some other pirates who are also sailing the
seas looking for trouble. Beware the pirate ship, The Buccaneer Queen! You and the pirates on board
will fight them off in a pirate battle! Grab your swords and prepare the cannons, it’s going to be a bumpy

a large ship in the water

Party Like a Pirate

After you battle off the other pirates of Los Cabos, it’s time to celebrate! Enjoy tasty cocktails,
fun pirate games for everyone to join, and dance the night away to the sounds of reggaeton and popular
music hits. When you finally dock, the party doesn’t have to end just yet. Make your way over to
Mercado Del Mar, which is conveniently located at La Terminal where the pirate ship docks. They have
all sorts of crafty cocktails, delicious food, and fun drinking games like beer bong!.

Although this tour has many more highlights to cover, I don’t want to spoil all of the fun
surprises for you! I’ll leave it to you to join the crew and experience the pirate life for yourself!.

a group of people sitting around a fire