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New Year, New Me: What It means to create long lasting New Year’s Resolutions.

New Year's Eve Resolution

The year 2019 comes to an end and the year 2020 is filled with possibilities. Hope for new beginnings, people flocking to fill out their gym memberships, self help books flying off the shelves, and hair appointments line the schedules of salons. Then there is you, you look back on your 2019 resolutions, where they met? Did they help you? Was their longevity involved? As the answers rattle in your brain, your palms begin to sweat, your heart skips a beat, and you think can I even make these resolutions possible. Well don’t fear my friend! I am here to help you along the way. Now let`s create some New Year Resolutions with you and your goals in mind.


What is the first step? Create a goal that you can fill full in one year. We tend to over estimate what we can accomplish in a year and under estimate what we can accomplish in 3 years. As much as we say the sky is the limit, we do not want to set ourselves up for failure. Be realistic in setting your resolution by thinking, Will I be stressed in completing this in a year or is a year plenty of time for not only myself to focus on this resolution, but also be able to focus on other accepts of my life?



New Year's Well Being IMAGINE

Close your eyes…. imagine yourself in 2020 and how you want to feel. Are you proud, are you confident, are you content, stress free, humble?

Start by writing down I am going to feel ________ in 2020.

List how you would like to feel and once we have this then BAM! We have the heart of your resolution.







You have a realistic goal; the heart of your resolution now let’s create a plan. If my goal  is feeling confidence and healthy, I know to get there I need to lose 20 lbs. by eating whole organic foods. I organize and introduce something new into my plan every week, month, 6 months and year.

1st week – Only Drink water.Writing down New Year's Resolutions

2nd week- Substitute sugar for fruits.

3rd week- Eat whole raw foods, no processes.

4th week – Walk 30 mins each day

1st month – Lose 2 lbs

2nd month – Lose 4 lbs

This will allow yourself to have a flowing introduction to all these changes in your diet or resolution. So many times, I see people introduce all these changes into the first week and overwhelm themselves. By the time the first month pass they have given up on the resolution.




Journal for New Year's Resolutions REMIND YOURSELF DAILY

How I remind myself is I create a journal dedicated to this resolution? I keep it close by my bedside and make sure my plan is in there. Either in the morning or in the evening make sure you dedicate 10 mins to writing down your process or what you hope to accomplish. Take a glance at your plan and see where you are. Be proud of how far you have gotten and smile at your accomplishments. This right here is the definition of manifestation. You are keeping this resolution on your mind daily, in visioning your goal and putting it out there in the universe. Trust me! The universe will respond. Here are some journals that I found are the best to create your resolutions for New Years.





Sometimes your resolution will be difficult and a year is such a long way to go to have your goal met. Create mini goals through out the way of your journey and make sure to reward yourself when completing these goals. I had some difficult times for last year’s resolution, I would lose 2 – 3 lbs. through out the month and felt uninspired as my goal was still so far away. Instead of feeling this way, I gave myself mini goals throughout the process. I lost three pounds and I got my nails done! Lost five pounds and picked up a cute top.  The joy of bettering and treating myself is magnifying! It allows you to feel motivated and proud of what you are doing throughout your journey and not just Happy Well Being for New Year's towards the end.

The end of journey is always bitter sweet, as you make way to the end of 2020 and reflect on all the amazing moments you felt throughout this experience. Remember how you wanted to feel in the beginning. Are you feeling it now? As resolutions are not about material objects, money or vanity it is about how you feel, because if we feel great, we are great. So, go out and purchase those journals, create a plan, manifest your dreams and don’t forget to treat thy selves for the year 2020.


About Author: Christine Ray is a self-taught creator and artist who practices mindfulness and advocates for peace. Online customer services, sales and web maintenance are some of the many skills she does on a daily basis. When she is not at work she enjoys outdoors, arts and practicing growth within her community of Todos Santos.  She is one of the many employees here at Wild Cabo Tours who makes this business possible. 

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