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Wild Cabo Tours is operating with new rules and safety guidelines.

At Wild Cabo, we are excited to have you back with us. As a leading excursion and cruise company, our primary goal is your fun and safety. We have adapted to this new era with cutting edge technologies and procedures to improve your experience with us.

What has changed? Even cleaner.

  • All personnel is fully vaccinated according to national Mexican laws.
    – Following Official Mexican Guidelines all personnel has recieved complete vaccination protocols in order to be able to be in contact with customers. You are welcome to come on board regardless of your vaccination status since that is just one of the several safety procedures that we follow to ensure a pleasant cruising experience.
  • Cleaner Cruising
    – Onboard cleaning is more rigorous than ever utilizing WHO and CDC guidelines and procedures, as well as USFDA, approved cleaning agents and equipment. Our kitchens and staff are fully certified in the latest techniques for food safety.
    – Using USFDA approved cleaning procedures and materials, all staff, crew, vessels, public areas including ramps, restrooms, and all common areas are cleaned prior to and after each cruise.
  • More fun. No lines.
    – Enjoy Ticketless checkin. Ask your reseller about ticketless travel option to avoid lines and simply use your phone to “check in” and board.
    – Free WIFI in the Terminal will “buzz” you when it’s your time to board your cruise.
  • Increased Onboard Space
    – Occupancy Limits: In order to achieve the social distancing guidelines recommended by  International, federal, state, and local health authorities, We have increased available space between all guest seating and common areas. By reducing excursion occupancy on all shared cruises to no more than fifty percent (50%) of the occupancy limit assigned to each vessel by Federal maritime authorities you have more space to be Wild and have fun.
    – Each of our excursions operating plans have been submitted to Federal and local authorities to show how compliance with this occupancy limit reduction was achieved including head counts by security personnel, utilization of our existing surveillance systems, and making sure each visitor has their space.
  • Social Distancing Guidelines
    – We comply with any and all health and safety guidelines and directives issued by federal, state, and local governing authorities with respect to the operation of excursions but also hotels,restaurants, retail establishments, and outdoor venues.
  • Reception and Boarding
    – Any area where patrons queue should have appropriate signage requiring social distancing in accordance with federal, state, and local health authority requirements.
    – Terminal, Guest Reception, Restrooms and Boarding ramps. Social distancing protocols are maintained among employees and visitors, consistent with federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Restaurants and Bars
    – All restaurants and bars have reduced seating in accordance with federal, state, and local guidance to allow for appropriate distancing between each table and between patrons.
    – Foodservice areas are served by personnel and are managed in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements.
  • Operational Areas
    – Social distancing protocols, as provided by state and local health authorities, are implemented in employee dining rooms, employee entrances, uniform control rooms, employee restrooms, loading docks, offices, kitchens, security scanning podiums, human resource desks, and training facilities.
  • Cleaning & Disinfection Guidelines Generally
    – Wild Cabo complies with any and all health and safety guidelines and directives issued by federal, state, and local governing authorities with respect to the operation of excursión, hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and outdoor venues.
    – All public areas are cleaned and disinfected on a continual and regular basis in accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines for hotel operations. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting high-contact surfaces, including check-in counters, door handles, public bathrooms, dining and bar surfaces, and restaurant menus. Additionally, all restrooms are cleaned and disinfected on an hourly basis.
  • Cleaning & Disinfection for Operations
    – All staff receives comprehensive training on COVID- 19 safety and disinfection protocols. Additionally, all crews and employees utilize the appropriate and adequate required PPE, cleaning products, and sanitizer. Any carts, vehicles, or mobile equipment utilized by or to transport employees or products is disinfected on a consistent basis.
    – All cleaning products follow strict WHO, CDC, and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines as well as are FDA approved where required and are approved for use and effective against viruses, bacteria, and other airborne and blood borne pathogens. A list of disinfectants approved by the EPA for use against COVID- 19 can be found on their website. All disinfectants are used in accordance with their labels to ensure proper application, contact time, and user safety.
    – We use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean guest and non-guest areas approved by state and federal health institutions as well as the CDC and USA Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All high-contact items, including safety equipment, excursion equipment such as masks, snorkels and fins, public area and vessel areas such as toilets and handles, door and locker handles, water faucet handles and flooring are washed at a high temperature and with
    appropriate cleaning products in order to eliminate viral and bacterial pathogens.
    – Employee management includes scanning and decontamination of employees prior to entry to our installations and work areas.
    – In the workspaces, any tools and equipment shared by employees are disinfected before, during, and after each shift, or anytime the equipment is transferred to a different employee. This includes, without limitation, phones, radios, computers, other communication devices, vessel equipment, bank terminals, maintenance tools, cleaning equipment, keys, time clocks, and all other direct contact items used by crews.}
  • Cleaning & Sanitation for Dining, Bars, and Outdoor venues
    – All dining tables, bar tops, stools, and chairs are disinfected after each use. All kiosks, service stations, service carts, beverage stations, counters, handrails, and trays are disinfected on a regular basis. All cash register or point of sale terminals are disinfected between uses and after each shift.
    – Employees who handle food comply with state and local health district guidelines.
  • COVID-19 Protocol
    – In the event of notice or knowledge of a guest who has been confirmed with a case of COVID-19. The guest’s room is removed from service or common areas and all installations and vessels undergo an enhanced cleaning protocol as determined by local health authorities.

We welcome any observations by guests on how they feel we can improve your experience with us.

Wilder than ever, cleaner than ever