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Book your Culinary Experience today! Mexico has many styles of different local food & drinks in which you have the opportunity learn with our creative classes. Join us in the adventures and discover of the many flavors Mexico has to offer. Be amazed on how much love and culture we put in our food & drinks, it is Mexico’s way of life! Wander through our history of local agave alcohols, fresh tortillas, and the local fish of the Sea of Cortez. Don’t miss this unforgettable experiences!

We include a 25% discount of any local Culinary Experience we have to offer when booked with one of our many tours. Ask us today on how to get this discount! 

From $25

Get your ceviche on local style! Cabo’s seaside origin is all about fresh fish. Mexico has many styles of ceviche and you will prepare and sample 3 styles in this fish to plate in this one hour and a half experience guided by local chefs with recipes just as the local fisherman. Vegan and gluten free options available.

From $25

There is more to this taco than meets the eye. This 90 minutes experience takes you from tortilla to tasting with a hands on chef guided packed taco party. Make your tortillas, learn the salsas, guacamole and ole’… tacos for all. Pick your fresh fish, organic chicken or regional steak from Mercado’s grill, even chorizo or vegan options and of course don’t forget the local cheeses and a couple drinks to wash it down.

All ages welcome. Great family fun!

From $20

Fact: You need to improve your burrito skills!

This hands on, one hour and a half chef experience shows you how to make burritos like one tough Mexican Madre. Local fresh ingredients, dockside setting, choose breakfast, lunch or dinner and let’s wrap it good!  Includes apps, burritos, and two drinks.

All ages welcome.

Vegan and gluten free options upon request.

From $20

This live action cocktail class puts you and your “amigos” behind the bar to blend or shake together with Top Cabo mixologists for tips, tricks and secret local ingredients.

In this one hour experience you’ll get the opportunity to make 3 different types of Margaritas and eat delicious local bites.